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Colloquia Troubleshooting FAQ

Every time I try to get new messages I get a message that says something like "Connection error - could not open folder in desired mode".

You may have an e-mail client such as Netscape Messenger or Microsoft Outlook already open in IMAP mode. This client will have placed a write lock on your Inbox folder so that Colloquia cannot delete messages after it has downloaded.  Either close your e-mail client before launching Colloquia, or set your e-mail client to POP3.


When I try to save a web page to a local file I get an error message saying "There was an error downloading some files".

Some links may not have been accessible on the download.  If the message comes up again try going into your Colloquia data folder's web-pages folder and manually deleting the failed jar file (the file format is web-page-address.jar) then try again.

When I send a Group message or an Activity some people don't receive it. Why?

Double-check the e-mail addresses of all the recipients.  Here are the rules for e-mail addresses:

  • If one of the e-mail addresses is malformed (, fred the message is sent to the other good addresses but not this one.
  • If one of the e-mail addresses does not exist on the same domain ( the message is not sent at all.
  • If one of the e-mail addresses does not exist on another domain ( the message is sent to all but the other people will have a reference to a non-existent e-mail address.

Remember, if you give someone the wrong e-mail address and send out an Activity with that person in it, other Activity members will also receive the wrong address.  If this happens, edit the e-mail address and re-send the Activity!


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