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Colloquia is a complex piece of software, and a few screen shots do not do it justice. Nevertheless, here are some images that show some of the aspects of the software. Just click on the thumbnail images for a full-size view.

A wide range of information can be kept and accessed on people you are involved with. This includes general information, a photo, their web page, a list of activities they are involved in with you, and private notes:

And when viewed from within a context, you can access and continue to develop your conversational history with them:

and participate in any tasks they are sharing with you:

From within a context or activity, you can also engage in group discussions with all participants in the activity:

Activities also have resources, web pages, documents or any other online materials. These can be added to and described, and you can add your private notes to them. A global resource base is automatically created of all the resources you have ever used, which can also be added to when you so wish:

Activities and messages are sent to participants using the built in email client, and received via the Inbox. Clicking on a message title in the Inbox immediately drops you into context, highlighting the person or group's name within the appropriate activity - you always work in context:

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