The IMS Meta-data and Content Packaging tool

Colloquia PackageIt!


A brand new new Package Editor has been re-written as part of the RELOAD Project.

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Colloquia PackageIt! is a tool that allows you to create and manage IMS compliant Content Packages. It allows you to create and manage sets of Resources. These Resources can be tagged with IMS Metadata. Resources and Metadata can be bundled up into a Content Package archive (zip, cab, jar) file with an automatically generated Manifest file. The resulting Package can then be re-used by another host application that can import IMS Content Packages.

It was developed as an outcome of the JISC funded CO3 project. Further development and improvements have continued but as part of Colloquia development. To benefit from these developments it is recommended to use the Packaging tools in the latest version of Colloquia.

Colloquia PackageIt! uses a Graphical User Interface that allows one to easily visualise and create the structure of one's Resources, Resource Metadata elements and Content Package Manifest using trees, tables and drag and drop.

With Colloquia PackageIt! you can:

  • Build and maintain reusable sets of Resources
  • Add IMS Metadata to reusable Resource objects
  • Import and reuse existing sets of Resources by importing files, browser favourites/bookmarks, folder structures
  • Drag and drop Resources into Organisations and build up sets of reusable groups and tables of contents
  • Create draft/template manifests
  • Create final zip packages with IMS compliant Manifests

The IMS specifications presently supported are:

Content Packaging 1.1
Metadata 1.2

Colloquia PackageIt! allows for specification version extensibility and alternative element vocabularies via its inbuilt dynamic DTD/Vocabulary mapping system.

Colloquia PackageIt! is written in Java, and is available now for all platforms that support Java version 1.4 or later.