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11th February 2002

Article in Learning Technology - "ELearning doesn't have to be lonely - learning online through Colloquia"

Sarah Holyfield from CELT has written the above article detailing how Colloquia is being used to deliver the the BA in Internet, Learning and Organizations at Bangor University. Read about it here.


28th January 2002

Colloquia 1.3.2 released

This release fixes some bugs and adds some new features. New features / bug fixes are documented in the changes file. Existing 1.3x users can simply download the update which is quicker than re-installing.


9th November 2001

Colloquia 1.3.1 released

This release fixes some bugs and adds some new features.


6th October 2001

Colloquia Software Reviewed in New Scientist

Considering that we are supposedly in the "Communication Age", a lot of time is still spent travelling to meetings for that face-to-face experience. Mike Holderness, in his article in October's edition of the New Scientist, suggests that this is not really necessary and that the only reason why virtual meetings (and virtual universities) do not yet exist is because the software is not yet available. However, Colloquia, he says, has caught his attention.

He discusses the pedagogical approach to Colloquia and compares it to the approach generally made by Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) writers. The thinking behind Colloquia sees students as workers rather than customers, thereby allowing them to create their own learning experience.

The possible changes to the University environment which would be brought about by the introduction of VLEs and the likely infringing on authors' moral rights are also mentioned. These changes would obviously fan out to the student and their environment.

Therefore, in conclusion, Mike Holderness, suggests that students at "...virtual universities will need a new excuse for moving out of home to escape parental restraints" and that "parents may develop new enthusiasm for their offspring to become archaeologists...".

The article may be found on Page 48 of the New Scientist, dated 6th October 2001.


20th September 2001

Colloquia 1.3 released

Colloquia 1.3 finally released! Please follow the link to download it. New features / bug fixes are documented in the changes file.


28th August 2001

Colloquia version 1.3 to be released in September - a little later than planned (the feature set grew!) Colloquia version 1.3 will finally be available for download after the Alt-C conference in mid-September.

New Features in version 1.3:

Accept/Decline for Activities
Support for ftp file exchange
Tickbox on log-on screen - "Work on-line"
Notification of what new messages have been received when Get Mail
Message Centre changes - Read/Unread/Sent/Unsent/Unmatched
Tree displays number of unread messages
Future state of Activity removed - now only Active and Completed
Activity Properties dialog (right-click on Activity)
Flag that a text message has an attachment
Attachments dialog improvements
Message sort Subject column now correctly sorts "Re: " messages
Allow multiple smtp addresses in Prefs combo-box
E-mail Address Aliases combo-box (Prefs)
Add Surname/First name columns to Activity People overview list
Bundled JVM now version 1.3.1
Activity show People/Resources/Assignment tick boxes
On Jump-To-Message Person node is re-shown if currently hidden
Activity can now be made "Completed" and re-Activated (this last in Activity Properties) - members/tutor are notified
Added Resend message option for own message
Local files in user's Resources can be uploaded to remote address via ftp
Icon changes for an Activity if it needs to be re-sent
Apple Quicktime support
Activity can be set to Accept Resources from students
Status of Activities dialog
New Browser - "ClueBrowser"
About Box has new "Check for newer Colloquia version" checker
Message tables now displays recipient's name as well as e-mail addresses
Save icon will pulse red when a save is required after n minutes (user preference)
Send Activity wizard allows option of sending only top Activity
Some icons have been changed
Language option includes alternative English set
New Drag n Drop Cursors on Tree
User-modified language strings - if user creates an edited version of the internal file (extracted from toomol.jar using zip extractor) called file (where X is a number) in the Colloquia install folder
Added functions to import IE Favorites and Netscape Bookmarks (File menu)
Added drag n drop for Resource/People Group members into Activity
Improved FolderChooser (for selecting disk folders)
New Help System



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