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Download and Install Colloquia

The current version of Colloquia is version 1.4.3. Please ensure you have read the Installation Issues before installing Colloquia.

We would really like to know about your interest in Colloquia! If you download it please send an e-mail to telling us who you are, why you are interested in Colloquia and whether and how we can help you further.

1. This version depends on Java version 1.4.1 or later. This is included in the installers for Windows and Linux.

2. Uninstall any previous version of Colloquia before installing this version.

3. The new features of this version are listed here. The latest build is dated May 5th 2004.

The main documentation can be found here
If you wish to report any issues or bugs please send e-mail

Click here to download Colloquia for Windows

Click here to download Colloquia for Linux

Click here to download Colloquia for Mac



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