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Using Colloquia

Colloquia can be used in several contexts.

  • It can be used to support distributed learning, allowing teachers to set up learning activities, provide learning resources, assignments and manage learning conversations, both within groups and individually with learners.
  • It can support peer based learning, permitting people to set up learning or study circles, sharing resources they have found, and engaging in group and one-to-one learning conversations.
  • It can be used as a project management tool in organisations, allowing projects to be set up, teams put together, supporting resources to be made available, and tasks shared; group and one-to-one conversations can then take place as the project unfolds.

The reason Colloquia is so flexible is that it goes to the heart of human activity - conversation. We are social creatures who define and create our shared realities through conversations, whether the context is education, work, or any other situation. But our conversations are influenced and guided by the context we are in, so we have tried to make Colloquia provide online contexts to support real life activities.

Colloquia is also very easy to set up - no need to install complex server software. All you need is for every participant to install a copy of the software on their machine, and as long as you have an email address, you can get started. (NB It works just as easily in a networked environment).

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