Colloquia Feature Changes / Bug Fixes


If you wish to report any bugs or requests for enhancement please send them to Phillip Beauvoir


October 30th 2002 - Version 1.4 build 1124

Added Italian and Spanish language support
Changed behaviour of user language strings - string files should be named MyLanguage.strings - this will show up as MyLanguage in Language selection box
Added Browser Proxy Settings in Prefs
Now remembers window maximised state
Activity Acceptance Wizard ensures user supplies First Name, Surname and e-mail address
Removed Print button from browser and added to Print Messages
Printing of messages (no formatting)
New version of ClueBrowser - any local file URLs that start with jar:file:/ should now be changed to file:/
Java 1.4.1 support for PC and Linux users
IMS Enterprise, Content Packaging and Metadata support
New Folder Chooser for folder selection (Prefs & Import favourites)
Sorting on Message Columns is now much quicker
Mouse Scroll Wheel support
Messages stay selected when moving from View to View

Fixed - Problems with maximised windows (Only Java 1.4 platforms)
Fixed - E-mail password dialog disappearing behind main window if user switches to another program
Fixed - Ctrl-click not selecting popup menu on Mac
Fixed - Send messages anyway if some of the e-mail addresses are invalid (smtp server must support this)
Fixed - Can no longer add oneself as a Person
Fixed - Sent sub-Activity Invite dates incorrectly updated
Fixed - Incomplete file downloads no longer set the Local URL
Fixed - Cancelled message downloads now exit gracefully


25th January 2002 - Version 1.3.2

Messages are deleted on Mail Server even if error occurs, eliminating the "duplicate messages" syndrome
Progress meter on Get Messages now shows progress of getting individual messages
Tooltip on tree shows number of messages per Activity and per Person
Activity & Person summary views in Activity show number of messages in table
New message info dialog on Get Messages
Unread flag marker on message indices
Progress meter on Startup Screen
Cancel option added to Exit-Backup dialog box

Fixed - Main window now maximises on jump to message from Message Centre if it was minimised
Fixed - attachment being removed from message on Resend Message
Fixed - message table selection improved (no longer deselects message)
Fixed - some Welsh translations
Fixed - not jumping to Activity when double-clicking Complete/Re-Activate Activity message

Fixed - user should not be allowed to Re-Activte (i.e. make Live) an Activity if parent is Completed


9th November 2001 - Version 1.3.1

People who have accepted an Activity but who have not been sent the Activity update are shown with a different icon (blue slash) and have an "Awaiting Update" status
Improved drag 'n' drop on tree ("Move" now uses Ctrl key, not Shift key)
Added Delete Tree Node button (same as Cut but without copying node to clipboard)
Display in External Browser is now a property per resource, not a global property - click on URL field to set/unset
Prefs/MyDetails window improvements
User can specify Data Backup location in Prefs
File type extensions can be set in Prefs to set downloadable/playable types
Selected messages in Inbox can be marked as "read"
External Browser and Application Launcher support for Mac OS X
The behaviour of the "Send My Details" wizard has changed. If an Activity node (or a node in an Activity) is selected on the Tree only those people in that Activity will appear in the wizard. Otherwise, all (active) people are selected (as before).
Added error.log file for recording errors (this is in the Colloquia install directory)
Added shortcut keys to Text/Email Editor (Ctrl-B, Ctrl-U, Ctrl-I, Ctrl-S)
Added Shift+Enter to Text/Email Editor for smaller paragraph breaks (<br>)
Added Lists and Bullets to Text/Email Editor
Text messages that arrive before the Activity update has arrived are put into "Unmatched"
Notes, Objectives and Description files are now copied when Activity or Template is copied
If a downloaded zip file contains the magic entry "startfile" the unpacked file name contained in that entry is used as local file
Prefs setting for automatically unzipping downloaded zip files
Unpacked zip file is deleted after unpacking

Fixed - Freeze on send both Activity update and invite
Made internal changes to UndoManager
Fixed - stopped ClueBrowser creating user directory (regression: is needed)
Fixed - ClueBrowser error messages displaying in address field
Fixed - Backup now only backs up magic folders, not top level .cqd folder contents
Memory optimizations
Prefs Window opens quicker (uses single instance)
Fixed - various small bugs in message/text editor
Fixed - freezing if Get Mail pressed more than once in succession
Fixed - some messages not showing in Inbox/Outbox
Fixed - unzipped downloaded file saving in wrong place
Fixed - local file URLS have file:/ prefixed only for .htm and .html files
A received Activity Completion from a student also completes for that person in sub-Activities
Send sub-Activities option greyed out on Send Activity wizard if selected Activity has no sub-Activities
Fixed - not selecting message properly when jumping from double-click in Message Centre
Improved/safer folder housekeeping and cleanup on exit
Fixed - dragging group of People into Activity where they were already members and then choosing Undo would remove these people from the Activity and then choosing Redo would cause these (re-added) People to lose their acceptance state
Fixed - Read and Sent message boxes not updating messages correctly on Restore of data from backup or new data location in Prefs
Fixed - extra space being added in Re: subject line of messages
Fixed - Templates not being set Live when dragged into Activity


28th September 2001 - Version 1.301

Downloaded zip files are automatically unzipped into the web-pages folder and the first file is referenced in Resource's Local File field
Displayable browser page types can be added to the browser_types.txt file (all entries must start with a dot e.g. .chtml)
Multimedia types can be added to the qt_types.txt file (all entries must start with a dot e.g. .wmfl)

Fixed - save/download web-pages not working properly
Fixed - Message Window & Prefs Window not restoring if minimised when re-showing
Fixed - Various browser anomalies file no longer needed
Tree drag and drop behaviour fixed so that target drop is not selected


19th September 2001 - Version 1.3

Hyperlink view support in e-mail message viewer
Resend message - added confirm dialog
Moved Resend and View Attachment buttons to message index tool bar
New version of ClueBrowser


September 4th 2001 - Version 1.3 RC1

Improved FolderChooser (for selecting disk folders)
New Help System
New Welsh translations

Fixed - IMS Content Package Importer error: 'The element "record" could not be added as the root of the document: The element already has an existing parent "metadata"'
New version of ClueBrowser
Fixed - Groups dragged moved to descendant groups disappearing
Fixed - Not allowed to delete Person or Resource if exists also in another Group Folder
Fixed - Bugs in ftp download code


July 27 2001 - Version 1.3 beta 9

Fixed - user allowed to delete People & Resources in top groups when they shouldn't be


July 26 2001 - Version 1.3 beta 8

User-modified language strings - if user creates an edited version of the internal file (extracted from toomol.jar using zip extractor) called file (where X is a number) in the Colloquia install folder
Added functions to import IE Favorites and Netscape Bookmarks (File menu)
Added drag n drop for Resource/People Group members into Activity
Different icon for Resource/Assignment that is allowed to be cut in Activity that is not mine
Added creator's name to Activity Properties dialog

Fixed - bugs in ftp transfer routines
Fixed - minor buglets
Fixed - various NetClue Browser display problems


July 17th 2001 - Version 1.3 beta 7

Message tables now displays recipient's name as well as e-mail addresses
Save icon will pulse red when a save is required after n minutes (user preference)
Send Activity wizard allows option of sending only top Activity
Some icons have been changed
Language option includes alternative English set
New Drag n Drop Cursors on Tree

SplitPane dividers made a bit wider in Windows look & feel


July 13th 2001 - Version 1.3 beta 6

About Box has new "Check for newer Colloquia version" checker

Fixed - ClueBrowser creating unneeded empty user dir
Fixed - crash if certain message index selections were deleted
Fixed - messages being wrongly deleted when messages deleted in READ & SENT


July 12th 2001 - Version 1.3 beta 5

Added Date Sent column to Sent Messages view
Added Resend message option for own message
When URL is downloaded and it is an application file (Word doc, etc.), user is offered to save file. When file is saved, local file location is inserted in Local File field. This does not work for hyperlinks
Local files in user's Resources can be uploaded to remote address via ftp
Icon changes for an Activity if it needs to be re-sent
Apple Quicktime support
Activity can be set to Accept Resources from students
Status of Activities dialog
Two files are created in install dir - "apps" and "qt". User can edit these to register apps that Browser should launch and Quicktime types
New Browser - "ClueBrowser"
Submitter name now displayed instead of e-mail address in data sheet


June 26th 2001 - Version 1.3 beta 4

All buttons have text
Activity can now be made "Completed" and re-Activated (this last in Activity Properties) - members/tutor are notified


June 15th 2001 - Version 1.3 beta 3

Activity show People/Resources/Assignment tick boxes
On Jump-To-Message Person node is re-shown if currently hidden
"Goto next unread message" has been removed now that we have Unread Message Box

Fixed - Sort columns in Message boxes - broken in 1.3 beta 2


June 12th 2001 - Version 1.3 beta 2

Tickbox on log-on screen - "Work on-line"
Notification of what new messages have been received when Get Mail
Message Centre changes - Read/Unread/Sent/Unsent/Unmatched
Tree Node displays number of unread messages
Accept/Decline mechanism adjustments - now in one Wizard
Future state of Activity removed - now only Active and Completed
Activity Properties dialog (right-click on Activity)
Flag that a text message has an attachment
Attachments dialog improvements
Message sort Subject column now correctly sorts "Re: " messages
Folder for Downloaded Messages (Prefs) now cleared up
Allow multiple smtp addresses in Prefs combo-box
E-mail Address Aliases combo-box (Prefs)
Add Surname/First name columns to Activity People overview list
Bundled JVM now version 1.3.1

Fixed - problems with accessing local jar files if there is a space in the path


March 12th 2001 - Version 1.3 beta 1

Accept/Decline for Activities
Can change e-mail address
E-mail messages have "COLLOQUIA" pre-fixed to Subject line
New Installer
Data xml files saved with indentation, lower case tags, and escaping of chars
Bundled JVM now version 1.3
Support for ftp login in browser
User prefs saved in xml format

Group messages are not sent to "greyed out" members
Fixed bug where Data Restore fails if trying to write to read-only file
Fixed bug in Go to next unread message where missing target message is not marked as seen
Safer methods of saving xml files
Fixed animated gif not being released in memory
Changed lax file to extend maximum memory
Fixed bug where changing data location to new location doesn't work if destination is new
Improved stability of messaging functions
Fixed custom colour chooser not working in editors

 15th September 2000 - Version 1.2


19th July 2000 - Version 1.2 RC1d


30th May 2000 - Version 1.2 RC1c


4th May 2000 - Version 1.2 RC1a

Bug fixes.


7th April 2000 - Version 1.2 RC1

Bug fixes.


4th April 2000 - Version 1.2 RC1

Minor bug fixes.


31st March 2000 - Version 1.2 RC1

Essentially the same as 21st March release with some minor bug fixes.


21st March 2000 - Version 1.2 beta

Colloquia version 1.2 has undergone many changes since version 1.1 (formerly known as Learning Landscapes). Some of these changes are documented here and will mainly be of interest to users who have been using version 1.1 and are now upgrading to version 1.2.

A version 1.2 installation will look for an old version 1.1 ll.prefs file and rename it to user_name.cqp (or current user.cqp). THIS IS YOUR EXISTING PROFILE and points to your original data folder location. You do not need to add a new user profile.

Users may wish to rename their profiles from the LogOn window. This will rename the cqp file, but not the data folder location.